Pre & post natal care


The female body undergoes enormous changes throughout pregnancy and after birth. During this time, specific areas of the body are at risk of strain and muscle weakness. These areas include the pelvic diaphragm muscles (pelvic floor muscles), abdominal area, lower back, neck and shoulders muscles. Adapting to the extra weight of the baby during and after pregnancy can often result in injury and muscle imbalance. And it takes focused effort to return back to pre-pregnancy condition. Physiotherapy is widely used as a preventative and rehabilitative means to address common pre & post-natal conditions such as incontinence, back pain, pelvic pain and pelvic muscle spasm, pelvic girdle pain and prolapse. Treatment includes; pelvic floor exercises, muscle and joint manipulation, massage therapy. In addition, our trained physiotherapist will advise on correct lifting techniques and breast-feeding positions to minimise occurrence of injuries.

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